Reclaimed Glass: Information Kit

Date Created
Sibley County demonstrated that reclaimed glass can be competitive in price when compared with that of conventional aggregates. Under the right conditions, crushing and blending virgin aggregate with 10 percent reclaimed glass may help upgrade substandard gravel so that the final product then can meet Mn/DOT specifications. In the six years since the Sibley County project, the successful use of reclaimed glass in aggregate mix began to grow in counties throughout the state. In 1998, the Research Implementation Committee (RIC) of the Minnesota Local Road Research Board (LRRB) decided to fund an outreach project that supports the application of reclaimed glass material in aggregate mix. The LRRB and project co-sponsors, Mn/DOT and the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance (OEA), recently undertook two important initiatives -- completing the writing of a new specification that includes reclaimed glass as an option for Class 7 aggregate as base course, and developing information & outreach materials on the use of reclaimed glass in aggregate mix.