Scope and Vision

The MnDOT Digital Library is a public repository that provides persistent access to born-digital and digitized publications produced by MnDOT and the former Minnesota Department of Highways. Collections include research reports, annual reports, employee newsletters, and publications related to the history of the Department and Minnesota highways and bridges.

Established in 2023, this digital library is a collaborative endeavor by MnDOT Library staff, whose mission is to advance knowledge with timely, direct, and cost-effective connections to the information needed to provide the highest quality transportation systems.


There are currently 12 collections:

  • Annual and Biennial Reports: annual and biennial reports of the Minnesota Department of Transportation and its predecessors, the Minnesota Department of Highways and the State Highway Commission, as well as the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and periodic reports from MnDOT offices
  • Department History: publications that reflect the history of the Minnesota Department of Transportation and its predecessor, the Minnesota Department of Highways
  • Department Newsletters: employee newsletters and newsletters from specific offices
  • Environmental Publications: items produced under the National Environmental Policy Act for projects receiving Federal Highway Administration funding and for projects triggering a mandatory category under the Minnesota Environmental Policy Act
  • Financial Reports: reports from the Financial Management and Legislative Briefing Package series
  • Maps: state highway maps and bike maps of various regions around Minnesota
  • Minnesota Highway History: various publications related to the development of highways in Minnesota, as well as the Registered Minnesota Auto Trails
  • MN Legislature Mandated Reports: various reports produced by the department due to Minnesota statute
  • Photos: photos produced by the department
  • Research Reports: reports, technical summaries, syntheses, and other research outputs produced by the department, the Minnesota Local Road Research Board, and pooled funds
  • Standards, Manuals, and Regulations: MnDOT Standard Specifications for Construction; Minnesota Commercial Truck and Passenger Regulations
  • State Aid Publications: publications produced by State Aid including series for county and municipal reports

Statement on Potentially Harmful or Offensive Content

The MnDOT Digital Library contains historical content that may be considered harmful or offensive. These materials may reflect outdated, biased, and offensive views and opinions. The inclusion of this content does not endorse the ideas of this content. Rather, it is part of the historical record related to transportation in Minnesota.

What kinds of content does this include?

  • racist, sexist, ableist, misogynistic/misogynoir, and xenophobic opinions and attitudes;
  • discrimination or exclusion of diverse views on sexuality, gender, religion, and more;
  • bias and exclusion in the language or images used.