A Guide to Successfully Convert Severely Distressed Paved Roads to Engineered Unpaved Roads - Guidebook

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This document provides guidance on converting severely distressed paved roads to engineered unpaved roads. Chapter 1 provides background on unpaving and an introduction to the guide. Chapter 2 guides the practitioner through a process of deciding whether a road is a candidate for unpaving and introduces the importance of involving the public in the decision. Chapter 3 provides a step-by-step process for doing a road investigation. Simple tools to analyze test results and determine likely future performance of the road are introduced. Guidance for considering potential safety issues is also provided. Chapter 4 covers designing the engineered unpaved road, introduces tools for determining an optimum blend of the existing materials, and if necessary, provides supplemental materials that may be required to increase structural capacity or optimize performance. Guidance for selecting an appropriate chemical treatment is also provided. Links to web-based tools for material blending, unpaved road performance prediction, and chemical treatment selection are provided as well. Chapter 5 summarizes key factors to consider during the conversion process and when maintaining the converted road. Chapter 6 introduces tools to determine life-cycle costs for converting roads. And finally, Chapter 7 provides guidance for communicating with, and involving the public in, the decision to convert a road or road segment.