The Development of Edit Procedures from Wim Data and Mn/ROAD

Date Created
Mn/DOT has been using automatic continuously operating WIM since 1981. At that time, very few states were using WIM and no state had a continuously operating system. There were no edit procedures which could be used to determine the validity of the data. Vendors, FHW A and the few states using WIM had not yet developed any procedures beyond using a test truck to calibrate the system. Consequently, it was necessary for Mn/DOT to develop procedures which they could use on their WIM data. In order to do that, the data collected by the WIM was analyzed over an extended period of time. A significant effort was made to identify patterns in and characteristics of the data which could be used in a data verification program. This report contains those procedures which were developed over the years and also in the past year when working a mobility assignment at MnROAD.