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Second Annual Report of the State Highway Commission of Minnesota, December 31, 1908

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Contains a report of the state engineer George W. Cooley about work done by counties under State Aid for the two year period ending December 31st, 1908 (The first allotment of State Aid Funds was made March 5th, 1907), experimental road work, road material resources of the state, bridges and bridge accidents, Minnesota river floods, state boundaries, topographical features, opinions of the Attorney General furnished to the Highway Commission during 1907 and 1908, appendixes (Office of the State Highway Commission Circular no. 2 & 3, Bulletin no. 3); index; pictures of roads and bridges; map of Minnesota showing state roads. Submitted by Gustave Scholle, Chairman, J.B. Galarneault, Charles Halvorson. [96 pp. + 12 leaves of photos + 4 folded, one-sided plans, 9 x 14 in. + 1 map, 15 x 21 in. ]

Biennial Report of the Commissioner of Highways of Minnesota 1972-1974

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This report covers the Department of Highways' activies from July 1, 1972 to June 30, 1974. Table of Contents: Administration, Financing your highways, Office of state aid, Office of Financial administration, Right of way operations, Office of road design, Office of Bridge and Structural Design, Office of traffic engineering, Office of materials, Maintenance standards, Construction standards, Programming, Planning, Office of Personnel, 1973 Legislative measures, 1974 Legislative measures, Electronic communications section, Office of Surveying and Mapping, Office of Public Information, Office of Systems planning and Data Processing, Districts, and Retirees, 1972-1974