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Minnesota Department of Transportation
We provide a final summary report of the project executed during last 2.5-year period (January 2020 - June 2022). The project tasks are summarized in the following scope of work (SOW):
• Task #1: Project Management and Administration
• Task #2: Hardware Development (Seismic Data Acquisition System) & Testing
• Task #3: Software Development & Testing
• Task #4: Delivery and Demonstration of Seismic Data Acquisition System and Software
• Task #5: Final Report
Initial project development and its progress in tasks #1 - #3 have been summarized in the quarterly reports and updated every month on the dedicated website until the end of December 2021. This final report focuses on the delivery of the completed system and subsequent demonstration surveys (tasks # 4 and #5). Associated details are presented in Appendix I (delivery) and Appendix II (demonstration surveys). Background theories and historical development that led to this particular system are described in an expanded abstract submitted to Geo-Congress 2022 at Charlotte, NC, March 20-23, 2022, which is attached in Appendix III. The developed system is named "TAPPER 64," and it consists of four (4) 16-channel receiver arrays that are transversely arranged to survey a certain width of the pavement (e.g., 0.5-m) simultaneously. Detailed technical and operational contents in hardware and software components of TAPPER 64 are presented in the "TAPPER 64-User's Manual" attached in Appendix IV.
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