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Minnesota Local Road Research Board
Asset management is critical for local and state governments to track assets and plan for maintenance of assets that will provide the greatest return on investment (ROI) for the agency. The use of geographic information system (GIS) applications, tools and geospatial data can provide agencies with the most accurate inventory of assets, a basis to determine and maintain condition, cost-effective mobile tracking and maintenance of assets such as signs, culverts, roads and bridges, and reporting tools to justify asset expenditures. However, challenges such as agency size and location, access to accurate and timely geospatial data, and lack of information about the best data processes, applications and tools to use limits local agency use of GIS for asset management.
A Minnesota Local Road Research Board project examined current local agency practices and reviewed existing mobile technologies to recommend best practices for the efficient, cost-effective use of GIS mobile technology for better managing agency assets. This Quick Start Guide offers brief synopses of the three case studies appearing in the project’s final report and highlights five software options used by Minnesota local agencies.
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