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Minnesota Local Road Research Board
Boulevards are the vegetated area, often dominated by turfgrasses, located just behind the curb along a roadway. Often, they are the grassy buffer space adjacent to the roadway. Boulevards serve the essential functions of providing snow storage space for roads and sidewalks, a place for rain and runoff to soak into the ground, and attractive green space in our neighborhoods and cities. However, boulevards are often a difficult place for grass to grow because of the harsh environment with exposure to sun, foot traffic, and salt residue from winter maintenance. Turfgrass installation is often the last item completed during a road construction project. Residents and business owners may be especially concerned that boulevards are properly restored because they lie adjacent to private yards and lawns. City officials, residents, and the turf installer all desire that boulevards be restored to healthy, lush turfgrass. The following best practices are recommended for the successful establishment of healthy turfgrass in boulevard locations
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