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sed a multifaceted approach to improving compliance to the Minnesota crosswalk law in Saint Paul; Minnesota; including: (1) education; (2) measurement; (3) enforcement efforts; (4) social norming; and (5) engineering treatment. The multifaceted activities were planned and implemented in Saint Paul with city traffic engineers and enforcement officers. The study initially observed 32% yielding and frequent multiple threat passing at 16 unsignalized; marked crosswalks throughout Saint Paul; measured through staged pedestrian crossings by the research team. A program was implemented that used a phased treatment approach of disseminating educational materials; conducting four waves of high visibility enforcement (HVE); displaying yielding averages on feedback signs across the city; and introducing low-cost engineering solutions through in-street signs. The results demonstrated a significant impact from education; HVE; and engineering to increase yielding to as high as 78% at enforcement sites and 61% at untreated sites. Multiple threat passing was also reduced. Overall; the study demonstrated that the HVE program and combined low-cost engineering were effective at improving compliance to the crosswalk law.
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