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Minnesota Department of Transportation
Pavement marking is important for safety. Maximizing pavement marking performance in terms of increased retroreflectivity; within limited budget constraints; allows agencies to make better decisions toward providing more effective pavement marking performance on their roadway networks. This research project included conducting a survey of local agencies' pavement marking practices; mining existing National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP) pavement marking data; and developing recommendations for future pavement marking research to support local agency needs. The NTPEP pavement marking performance data (related to pavement marking products used by local agencies in Minnesota) was analyzed to provide guidance to local agencies in terms of pavement marking material selection based on performance. The objective included determining pavement marking products of interest to local agencies and developing performance metrics for these products based on existing NTPEP data. The analysis performed on the NTPEP included modeling the deterioration behavior as a function of time. Also two-way ANOVAs were performed to compare various performance measures and the impact of different conditions on these measures.
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