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The Minnesota Local Road Research Board, MnDOT, and SRF performed an evaluation of a portable weigh-inmotion (WIM) system at several locations throughout Minnesota. The system was developed at the University of Minnesota-Duluth and offers roadway designers a low-cost method for obtaining vehicle load distribution data across the state's road network. To deploy the system, the weigh pads of the system were temporarily affixed sensors across the roadway lanes. As vehicles passed over the weigh pads, pressure sensors within the pads detected the weight of vehicles and the system recorded the data for later analysis. Traditional methods for travel monitoring generate traffic volume and classification data, but weigh-in-motion systems give designers a more accurate idea of current and projected traffic loading demands. SRF's testing provided implementation refinements that were incorporated into the system. During the two-year deployment process, the portable WIM system was installed under a wide array of environmental conditions to demonstrate the system's capabilities. Data generated by the system was analyzed. The Final Report details system deployment, calibration, and system accuracy.
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