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Minnesota Local Road Research Board
The Local Road Research Board (LRRB), with assistance from Sibley County and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), conducted a field evaluation of traffic data collection sensors. This study was initiated to explore low-cost and non-intrusive options to collect traffic data as possible alternatives to traditional methods such as tube counts, which require personnel to work close to or on the roadway rather than from a safer roadside position, as some non-intrusive sensors allow. This project reviewed new developments and alternatives to conventional road tube, inductive loop and piezo sensor data collection.

This project conducted a comparison of multiple traffic data collection sensors along on a rural two-lane road with low traffic volumes (Sibley County State Aid Highway 9) in both winter and spring conditions. The project gathered information on ease of deployment, accuracy, and costs associated with each technology. The following sensors were installed and monitored as part of this study: COUNTcam, Miovision Scout, JAMAR Radar Recorder, Wavetronix SmartSensor HD, Houston Radar Armadillo Tracker, Sensys VSN240F (Sensys), JAMAR Stealth Stud, Road Tubes with PicoCount 2500 classifier
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