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In the summer of 2008, after roughly fourteen years of service many of the pavement test cells at the Minnesota Road Research project (MnROAD) required rehabilitation or reconstruction. This massive construction effort was also known as "Phase II" (SP 8680-157). Among the cells that were rehabilitated was Cell 5, which is located on the mainline or interstate 94 section of the research facility. Cell 5 received a thin (4 to 5") unbonded concrete overlay. This cell was heavily instrumented with electronic sensors designed to collect environmental and load response data. In addition the pavement in this cell will be thoroughly evaluated and rigorously tested at various times during the year. The thin design, and consequently shorter life, of this overlay should produce valuable data over the life of the sensors. This report describes the physical characteristics of the new thin unbonded concrete overlay test cell 5 (sub-cells 105-405). Included in the report are the construction plans (including sensor layouts), quantities and bid prices, as well as the special provisions. The report also summarizes the results from the initial material tests, various surface characteristics measurements and other initial test results.
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