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Minnesota Local Road Research Board
This document was developed as a resource for local governments to learn how to use contracting processes in a more cost-effective manner to, 1) let projects, 2) construct projects, and, 3) ensure quality projects. The Minnesota LRRB developed this resource on Innovative Contracting, designed as a guide to provide local government with guidance on a number of topics including:
• Mn/DOT’s Innovative Contracting Website
• Minnesota Local Government Experience
• Contracting 101
• Best Value Procurement for Contractors
• Force Account (State Aid)
• Bidder Qualification
• Alternate Bidding
The Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) has been a leader in communicating information about innovative contracting to the public. They have developed a dedicated office that deals solely with Innovative Contracting, a website that contains a wealth of knowledge n the topic and has a tremendous staff base to guide the public on the use of innovative contracting techniques.
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