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This project concentrates on the development of real- time tire-road friction coefficient estimation systems for snowplows that can reliably estimate different road surface friction levels and quickly detect abrupt changes in friction coefficient. Two types of systems are developed - a vehicle-based system and a wheel-based system. The vehiclebased friction measurement system utilizes vehicle motion measurements from differential GPS and other on-board vehicle sensors. The wheel-based friction measurement system utilizes a redundant wheel that is mounted at a small angle to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle. Complete technical details on the vehicle-based friction measurement system are presented in this report. Compared to previously published results in literature, the advantage of the vehicle-based system developed here is that it is applicable during both vehicle acceleration and braking and works reliably for a wide range of slip ratios, including high slip conditions. The system can be utilized on front/rear-wheel drive as well as all- wheel drive vehicles. Extensive results are presented from experimental results conducted on various surfaces with a winter maintenance vehicle called the "SAFEPLOW." The experimental results show that the system performs reliably and quickly in estimating friction coefficient on different road surfaces during various vehicle maneuvers.
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