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This report documents the evaluation efforts undertaken by the Minnesota Team. To complement the work undertaken by the independent government evaluator, Battelle, the Minnesota evaluation team focused on two specific areas of the evaluation: human factors and benefit-cost analyses. Human factors issues include driver acceptance, reduction in driver fatigue, the effectiveness of the driver interface, and the measurable changes in driver performance. The Driver Assistive System (DAS), which is under evaluation for the US DOT Specialty Vehicle Generation Zero Field Operational Test, is designed to provide a driver a means to maintain desired lane position and avoid collisions with obstacles during periods of very low visibility. This program is motivated by the fact that specialty vehicles often must operate under inclement weather conditions and associated low visibility situations. The DAS improves safety for the specialty vehicle operator by providing the necessary cues for lane keeping and collision avoidance normally unavailable during poor visibility conditions. The DAS may also improve safety conditions for the general public by facilitating all-weather emergency services, and in the case of snowplows, opening roads and keeping them passable in heavy weather for other emergency vehicles and the general motoring public.
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